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Laura Anderson

Bespoke Proofreading

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Laura Anderson

Bespoke Proofreading

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Proofreading covers:

  • reading for sense
  • correcting errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • checking pagination and for recurring text
  • ensuring consistency of font and type size and weight
  • ensuring correct labelling of images, tables, graphs
  • checking consistency of preferred spellings and American/British English

My job is to make the written word meet its purpose. If you’re not sure whether your document needs to be proofread only, proofread and lightly edited or heavily edited, we can discuss ideas or you can leave it to me to correct and shape your document (upon such agreement and price, of course).


Light editing

While proofreading is checking for errors, light editing goes a little further by also making minor changes to your text. It can improve consistency and flow to ensure that your work is clear and concise. Catching errors and giving your document that final polish, proofreading and light editing often make the perfect pair.


Substantive editing

As well as proofreading, this entails considerable reworking of text and the way it is structured to improve upon coherence and comprehensibility. I won’t change your style or your voice, these are yours. My job is to help you express yourself clearly and effectively.

(Students: I will not rework your thesis or dissertation, nor will I comment on coherence or clarity of argument. I will amend spelling, punctuation, grammar and errors of syntax and inconsistencies of formatting and citation style, e.g. Harvard.)


Copy - editing

This is a complex job. The copy-editor takes raw material, organizing layout and reworking content while adhering to specified style guidelines, where supplied. It entails:

  • identifying levels of headings and sub-headings
  • formatting of paragraphs and body text
  • marking oversights such as ‘widows’ and ‘orphans’
  • checking displayed dialogue, quotations and lists
  • checking that content flows and follows a logical order
  • ensuring correct use of arabic and roman numerals (as opposed to Arabic and Roman) and that dates are correctly set out
  • calling out lapses of logic, errors of fact, contradictions
  • flagging up possible legal problems
  • catching errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar

And more …

To all self-publishing authors and budding writers:

Bespoke Proofreading & Editing Services welcomes book projects!

I have studied journalism, and I hold a certificate in creative writing (from the University of Sheffield). And while I am versed in writing both fiction and non-fiction, I’ve found that I particularly enjoy working with the nuts and bolts of writing, which is why I trained as a proofreader and copy-editor.

So because I have experience in creative writing and factual writing and I’m passionate about the work I do now, I believe I’m in a good position to help writers.

Whether you’ve finished your book or you’re still writing it, I can help you refine your writing. And, I reiterate: it is not my business to alter your style or your voice; my job is to provide you, my client, with what you want.


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